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Nifex Limited is a conglomerate with over 500 employees engaged in different areas of business which include:

  • Nifex Distribution
  • Nifex Vegetable Oil Mill
  • Nifex Steel Rolling Mill
  • Nifex Portland Cement

Nifex Vegetable Oil Mill

Nifex vegetable oil mill was established in 2002 using the most modern technology in the vegetable oil refining industry and is located at KM 13 Aba Ikot Ekpene Express Road, Aba, Abia State. Nigeria. Nifex vegetable oil mill maintains a formidable presence in the vegetable oil markets in the south-east geographical zone of Nigeria.

The company produces refined vegetable oil from palm kernel. The refined oil branded Nifex Vegetable oil is distributed in bulk and Can throughout Nigeria. Nifex vegetable Oil mill has an operational capacity of 50 metric tons per day. The cake is exported to Europe. The plant is managed by highly experienced technicians and specialists with engineer Charles performing as the plant manager.

Nifex Steel Mill

Nifex Steel Mill is a state of the art facility that was incorporated in 2005 and is located at KM 10 Aba Ikot Ekpene Express Road, Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. The company operates a modern production facility for the recycling of metal scraps into billets and rolling of steel rods (de-bar), with operational capacity of 100 metric tons per day. As such, it is poised to establish itself as a major player in the industry through large scale production and distribution of steel products. The production plant is managed by engineer Charles who oversees the plant operations.

Nifex Portland Cement

The company is currently exploring for commercial limestone in the east of Nigeria for the purpose of establishing a 500 metric ton per day cement capacity plant.